About Us

Woollahra Dry Cleaning and Laundry has been providing excellent service to the local community for over 50 years.


It is now time to take our premium standard of care into the 21st century. Your most specialised needs are our forte – wedding dresses and ball-gowns, gentlemen’s tailoring with the best well-known London and Continental names – that treasured garment that needs the “tender loving care” that you fear will not be given it – they are the very items that will receive the concern you want for them.  Your answer lies at 36 Ocean Street.   We offer the best engineered Italian and German equipment and use only the most suitable German chemicals. Your most cherished possessions will be treated   as though they were our own.

In addition, we are now offering a service of home collection and return delivery within 24 hours.   You need never come   up to the premises of the business again – much as I shall miss the wonderful friendships that have come to me as a result.

We are now arranging a system whereby you can provide us electronically with details of the garments to be washed or dry-cleaned and by the placing of an order automatically arrange the collection of the goods and their return to you – all for a simple charge.   Arrangements will be made for payment via your credit card equally electronically and on a continuing basis.   

It is time to come up to date but we shall preserve the old-fashioned quality of care and cleaning of your garments that have made so many of you for so long such devoted customers.

Thank you for that.